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This is the first meeting between you and our Director.

In this session, we will review your profile based on the standards of top universities,

we will discuss your resume to discover outstanding professional achievements,

we will suggest your best choices of recommenders, and your risk-distributed school list.

The session will last 2-3 hours and the fee is 10,000 thb for the one-on-one session.

Alternatively, to be considered for a place in a free group session,

please send your resume and we will contact you back.

The free session will include a minimum of 4 people.

Initial Consulting (IC)

What you will get :

  • Holistic application profile evaluation, based on top university standards

  • SWOT Analysis: Identification your key strengths, weaknesses, issues of concern

  • Resume analysis and review

  • Strategies to strengthen your profile

  • Identify your most outstanding accomplishments and unique potential essay topics

  • Recommender selection strategy

  • Introduction to appropriate special condition applications (ED, J-Term, 1-Year, etc.)

  • Timeline for everything between NOW and Application DEADLINE

  • Customized School List with Risk Distribution and Estimation of Chances

What you need to bring:




Updated Resume: highlighting quantifiable achievements

& leadership roles


Standardized Test Scores

(real or diagnostic):


*if available

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